Monday, 18 August 2014


Top= Urban Outfitters
Off shoulder top= c/o Rose Wholesale
Skirt= Liberty
Trainers= Adidas
A few outfits and flower edits to compensate the absence. Bought the halter which Hannah is wearing in Urban Outfitters for 18 pounds which was a bit of a stretch for our stingy buying habits but it was love at first sight so... I'm wearing a Liberty skirt which I found in a charity shop for a tenner along with a matching shirt. It goes well with the off shoulder top Rose Wholesale sent over and which I can't stop wearing - its all about the clavicle cleave. Got a load of photos to post from my summer so far - interrailing, secret garden party and Spain so watch this space ;)

Sunday, 8 June 2014


Choker - DIY by a 9 year old/ Top - Gap/ Skort - School/ Socks - Nike
Its been awhile. Some pictures I took of Hannah in Spain (her tumblr - wearing my old sports skirt as well as some random ones from Paris and my garden etc
 Can't wait til the end of exams *3 more weeks til freedam.

Saturday, 19 April 2014


Skort c/o top- zara/ adidas- ebay/
This post is basically a homage to my Adidas superstars which I found on eBay for £11 (!) I took these photos in Spain on my grandma's rooftop which has a pretty dang sweet view. I feel like a massive zebra in this outfit but oh well, the monochromness kind of reflects my life at the moment until this stoopid exam period is over. Please excuse my face in these photos, I got braces the other week (about 7 years too late thanks to the best dentist everr) and I'm being immature about smiling... Now I really really need to get back to revising... Hope you all have a great easter weekend! x

Thursday, 10 April 2014


Jacket - Lacoste via ebay/ Top - Gap/ Trainers - Adidas originals/ Leggings - H&M/ Rings - eBay/ Bag from India
Really enjoying the 3.5 week Easter holiday we've been given - Saturday school has its perks sometimes..(not really). I'm in Spain at the moment with the family, the weather is brill but everyone's still wearing coats which is confusing, so I'm being forced into a winter/spring limbo state by my grandma who won't let me out without a coat, ugh. Luckily I won this Lacoste jacket on eBay the other week for only 6 pounds, along with mi adidas superstars which are my life at the moment. I'm actually wearing a pijama top but you can't tell I think? Here are some pictures of my holiday so far...Thanks for your sweet comments on my last post, means a lot! x
all you can eat sushi buffet//